Reservation policy


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation. Making reservations on the ESCAPE ROOM ROSES website implies acceptance of the conditions contained in this document.

1.-Reservation policy

The client can make their reservation on the page https://escaperoomroses.com/ following the instructions and filling in the required fields. Purchases are fully guaranteed and payments are made through the RedSys payment gateway associated with “BANCO SANTANDER”. Once the payment has been made, it is automatically returned to our website to finish the reservation process. After completing the process, the client will receive an email notification containing their details and those of the reservation made (day and time). You will need to present this information when you arrive at ESCAPE ROOM ROSES

2.-Collection and billing policy

The partial payment of the reservation is made upon completion of the reservation. Once the experience is over, the remaining amount will be paid.

The advance made at the time of booking amounts to 20 euros.

You also have the possibility of making the full payment at the time of booking.

The final price of the reservation made corresponds to the total number of people participating in the activity and the total number of services. It includes the applicable supplements and those fees and taxes levied on the services provided. The price does not include in any case the services that have not been contracted at the time of booking, or other services.

The price of the La Cena room is:

  • 2 players… € 60
  • 3 players… € 75
  • 4 players… € 80
  • 5 players… € 100
  • 6 players… € 120
  • 7 players… € 140

3.-Cancellation and modification policy

Reservations cannot be canceled, but a single modification of the date can be made, as long as it is communicated at least 48 hours before the reserved day. Modifications must be communicated to us via email to info@escaperoomroses.com choosing a new date as long as it is available, and as long as the previously established terms are met.

In that case, the date and time of the reservation can be modified.

In case you cannot give advance notice, you can assign your reservation to another group.

If for any reason beyond ESCAPE ROOM ROSES the activity cannot be carried out at the time of the contracted date, no cancellation or refund of the amount will be made, leaving the session pending to be carried out in the next 2 business months once the external situation has ended. . The person who made the reservation will provide a new valid date when required, if it is not provided in less than 10 days from the request, the activity could be canceled, without the right to a refund of the amount. It is important to take this into account to avoid misunderstandings, having already lived the confinement situation derived from the sanitary crisis regarding SARS-Cov2.

4.-No-show policy

If the client does not show up without having made a modification or prior notification -with the minimum necessary notice-, ESCAPE ROOM ROSES will not pay any amount. If the group shows up 15 minutes late, their reservation will be canceled out of respect for the next group, and no refund will be made.

Therefore, the reservation will be canceled if the team arrives 15 minutes late.

In none of the cases will the payment made be reimbursed.

It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance, but do not knock on the door until the exact time of the reservation.

The whole group must be assembled before knocking on the door.

5.-Other aspects to take into account

Any specific situation mentioned below, as well as others that may exist and are not mentioned, must be communicated to the company at the time of the reservation, not communicating in the 48 hours prior to the session for the change of schedule or cancellation.

The groups are from 2 to 7 people. If people under 18 years of age come, one of the 6 components must be an adult responsible for them.

It is a place suitable for people with wheelchairs, but it is mandatory to notify, and the maximum per session is 2 chairs, to provide a better service.

If there is someone with a cardiac, visual, respiratory, phobias or any other kind of problem, it must be communicated to the company in order to adapt the session and thus ensure the best possible experience for the whole group.

It is not recommended to carry out the session by pregnant women for their safety and that of the fetus. If anyone wants to carry out the activity, access will not be denied, but it will always be under the full responsibility of her, exempting ESCAPE ROOM ROSES from any problem derived from the activity.

Once the day of the session has arrived, there is no possibility of adaptation or modification of the game.

ESCAPE ROOM ROSES is not a themed room of terror or fear, but for the correct development of the story it has moments of adrenaline, if for any reason someone in the group does not like this type of emotions, it is necessary to communicate it, so that the experience is the most pleasant for everyone .

You cannot go to the session under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, in case of detecting a member of the team in these conditions, entry will be denied and the money will not be returned.

It is strictly FORBIDDEN to use force, it is a game of thinking and thinking, teamwork is the key to getting out.

Likewise, it is totally FORBIDDEN to get on the furniture, there is nothing above 1.80m that has to be moved or touched, although they can be of visual use to give clues.

If these rules are violated, the third notice will stop the session and there will be no refund option possible.

The technologies are prohibited, they cannot be used objects from the outside, neither mobile phones, nor tablets, computers, flashlights, tools or other utensils, which will not be found in the room and will be part of ESCAPE ROOM ROSES

The taking of images is strictly FORBIDDEN, being this reason for the cancellation and cancellation of the session.

The person who takes images will be legally responsible and the necessary legal actions will go against them.

In case of being a minor, your legal guardian will be responsible.

In order to make the reservation, it is necessary to accept and assume the correct compliance with these conditions, as well as make sure that all participants have carefully read and understood these conditions, and entering the session they assume they agree with them.

6.-Damages and Prejudices

All material that is damaged by misuse must be paid for by the user who has caused the damage and may be claimed under legal terms at any time by ESCAPE ROOM ROSES providing evidence of intent.

7.-Contact us

For any questions or clarifications contact us by email info@escaperoomroses.com through our website www.escaperoomroses.com.

The client agrees with the terms and conditions when making a reservation, by activating the box that indicates it.

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